A patio in the living room, living room on the patio - thanks to the Budvar T-Slide patio door
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A patio in the living room, living room on the patio - thanks to the Budvar T-Slide patio door

The boundary between your living room and patio is a thing of the past. These two worlds can now co-exist. All because of the modern T-Slide sliding door by Budvar Centrum.

A patio connected to the living room or any other room, be it the kitchen or the dining room, is no longer an interior architect’s fantasy. The patio can be an extension of your home, helping you acquire extra space ideal for relaxing, working or spending time with friends on, connected directly to your garden. Having the right arrangement is very important, as is connecting the house part aesthetically and functionally to the outdoor space. While you can experiment with the arrangement and change the décor around, the connection between house and patio requires tried and tested, high quality modern solutions which will serve you for years to come, immune to passing fashions. This can be entrusted to the T-Slide sliding door by Budvar Centrum.

Open up your home to space

T-Slide is a modern solution which meets its user’s needs, both large and small, as it has facilities which previous patio doors have lacked. Above all, there is no more firm division between the window and patio door. This is a system which combines both functions, thus giving the room a breath of modernity and enlarging it visually.

Technology serving comfort

T-Slide doors use the most modern solutions, increasing comfort of use, with durability parameters increased at the same time. The use of Titanium Technology means that the profiles are characterised by exceptional thermal properties, high stiffness, exceptional shine and high surface resistance.

What makes this product stand out is its invisible fittings, the only noticeable element of which is their elegant handle. Neither the rails nor the hinges of the T-Slide can be seen, which means it does not distract from the views outside or catch on the curtain when opening.

Another interesting solution used by Budvar Centrum is the low threshold, which prevents you from tripping when passing through. So, when carrying a tray of drinks for your guests on the patio, there’s no high, ugly threshold to trip you up. You can pass gracefully and without any obstacle from the house to the patio.

T-Slide patio doors are fitted with the Soft Close self-shutting system, which makes sliding and closing them smoother, with no force required. Just walk over to the door, give it a slight push and it will shut itself. This solution also guarantees safety, as the door sashes will not slam on children, adults or pets. An additional benefit is the specially selected trolleys which the doors are mounted on, making sure they slide quietly and comfortably. This is particularly important when you often use the exit, as you don’t want to disturb the rest of the household.

T-Slide are also characterised by their timeless, classic appearance and their rich colour base. They are available in a full range of colours, as well as wood imitation veneers. This provides complete freedom when designing your patio. “The customer chooses from a large number of options, which means the colour of the patio door can be matched to the outside façade or inside wall. It’s also possible to glaze it with two-, three- or four-pane glazing units,” explains Paweł Trzciński, Technology Department Director at Budvar Centrum.

The T- Slide door system by Budvar Centrum also works as a balcony solution or the entrance to a winter garden.

T-Slide system - technical information:

1. Excellent insulation.
2. Possibility to create large structures providing rooms with better sunlight, up to 6.5m wide, with one sash weighing up to 400kg.
3. Greater stability and durability thanks to solid sides reinforced with aluminium profiles.
4. Possibility to deliver doors in parts to be assembled on site, thanks to screw-on corners. The way the corners are joined ensures excellent heat parameters.
5. Two threshold heights, including completely flat threshold - ensuring maximum comfort and safety.
6. Certified lead-free profiles.
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