Buying new windows. This is what to ask the seller!

Buying new windows. This is what to ask the seller!

Buying new windows requires preparation and the necessary amount of knowledge. What should you ask to make sure that a new window will be the right investment, and one that will last for years? Budvar Centrum’s expert, Sebastian Leporowski, points out a few aspects which are worth asking the seller about.

When preparing to buy windows, it is worth paying attention not only to the positive visual effect which the new window should bring to the home space, but also have a look at the technical parameters that you should ask the seller about. Before buying, you should make sure that the windows chosen not only meet the expectations of the householders, but also ensure many years of satisfaction from using them. Budvar Centrum’s expert, Sebastian Leporowski, advises how to prepare to talk to the seller and get answers to the most important questions concerning the windows’ functionalities.

What material is the window made from?

Materials that window frames can be made from are: PVC, wood or aluminium (the latter is most often found in office buildings). In Poland, the most popular are PVC windows, which are usually most attractive in terms of price and are guaranteed to be easy to maintain. If it is PVC windows that interest you, it is worth asking where the component used comes from, to be sure that the PVC is of good quality and not recycled. When choosing a PVC window it is worth asking about certificates confirming the quality of the product chosen. Budvar Centrum offers windows which have certificates guaranteeing that they are heavy metal free, including lead, and of class S, confirming that the windows are resistant to extremely heavy atmospheric conditions. The profiles are produced based on Titanium Technology, which ensures excellent technical parameters. Wooden windows, on the other hand, are more expensive than PVC windows and are chosen for their aesthetic qualities, mainly of the natural warm feel of pine or oak. They are highly demanding in terms of care, and heavier due to the solid construction of the frames. Wooden windows, arranged in richly glazed façades, give a stylish and very modern appearance.

Window profiles and chambers - what should you know?

PVC windows are constructed from plastic window profiles, whose internal structure is divided into chambers. The profiles play an important role - their function is not only to stabilise the window, but also to provide heat insulation. The most common PVC profiles are those with five or six chambers. The more chambers they have, the better the window’s insulation parameters will be. It is also worth noting the width of the profile. If the window frame is thicker, it will support a heavier pane unit, guaranteeing even better parameters.

Which pane to choose?

The choice should depend on the location and type of house or flat. It is worth considering whether street noise will be clearly audible inside the home. In such a case it is worth thinking about buying windows with special soundproof panes which will guarantee better insulation for the room. The householders’ safety will also be improved by burglar-proof panes, exceptionally resistant to impact and breakage. When choosing a bathroom or toilet window, you might be tempted by a window with an ornamental pane ensuring privacy. The seller will undoubtedly mention pane units, which may consist of two, three or even four panes. Two-pane packages are the most generally chosen, which are installed in classic buildings with conventional heating which often need windows tilted in summer. Passive houses and buildings located in climatic zones characterised by severe atmospheric conditions require three-pane packs to be installed, as these ensure more warmth and limit heating costs.

Seals for heat and quiet, and against dust

Window manufacturers fit two seals as standard, but if the buyer wants the room to be better insulated and take care to reduce noise from outside he can express a willingness to buy windows with triple sealing. Few people are aware that good seals, even though their main task is to prevent heat loss, also protect against odours and dust. It may turn out that a window is bought which fails to meet the householders’ expectations regarding heat and sound insulation. Budvar Centrum windows are made using innovative technology, and thanks to a special clip a third seal can be added even when the window is already fitted.

A few words about fittings, i.e. convenience when opening and shutting

…, but also about the window’s appearance. The basic function of the window fittings, which include the lock, hinge and handle, is to ensure householders comfort of use. The window will be opened, shut and tilted, and these processes should be smooth and extremely easy. What is more, the durability of the fittings should be maintained at the same level throughout many years of use. Do not forget about the visual side either - the handle should be an ornament on the window, its appearance suited to the character of the interior. Concealed and uncovered hinges are also an element which determines whether the window will be to the taste of the householders. Budvar Centrum’s range also includes windows with Designo concealed hinges, completely invisible from the outside, which fulfil their function perfectly, including by allowing the window to open wide, even up to 100°.

Air circulation in the room - intake vents and microventilation

Windows play an important part in ensuring proper air circulation in a room. Not everybody is aware that even when a window is tightly sealed, there is still the need for air from outside to constantly provide oxygen and remove dampness from the room. This is the function of the intake vents fitted in windows. These vents also prevent condensation forming on the surface of the pane, thus reducing humidity in the room which could lead to mould and fungus forming. Thanks to the special fittings in their sash frame, Budvar Centrum windows also provide microventilation. Microventilation is operated by a handle, and loosens the window by about 3 mm between the sash and its frame to allow a constant inflow of fresh air.  It should be remembered that a window loosened in this way could, if located on the ground floor, attract the attention of a burglar. It is easier to force, so users should remember to finish the microventilation process before going out.

Ask about warranty conditions

The buyer should also ask about the warranty. It is important that this covers the entire window, not just specified parts. It is worth demanding the document in printed form, so that in the event of any faults or defects you can ask the manufacturer to repair or replace the product. If the warranty is granted for many years with the conditions presented clearly and legibly, you can be sure that the manufacturer bears full responsibility for the product offered.
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